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Small Business Start Up

For business owners who only need web hosting for 1 website.

Why You May Need The Small Business Start Up Plan

The Small Business Start Up plan is the option that will likely be best suited for those of us who may need to operate a website or two for various reasons.

Small Business Start Up will most likely be the option for you if you intend to run a small business website, a personal/business blog, or both.

Small Business Start Up In Human Terms (click to open)

In short, if you are looking to secure blazing fast webhosting for a serious website, Small Business Start Up is the option for you.

Its perfect for websites running WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or other popular content management systems, as their backbone.

What Does 1 Gig of Storage Capacity Mean? (click to open)

1 Gig of storage capacity equates to the amount of storage space allocated to your web hosting account. Any file that you upload will count towards this storage capacity.

To roughly illustrate how much storage is possible with 1 gig of space lets pretend we have a small camera.

A small camera can hold up to about 250 images which is roughly the equivalent of 1 gig. For a small business website, this would be more than enough storage capacity to run a successful website for years prior to having to upgrade to an advanced plan.

What Does 1 Gig of Monthly Bandwidth Mean? (click to open)

For a small business website, 1 gig of bandwidth means that you will need well over 10,000 visits to your website prior to coming anywhere to close to exceeding your monthly bandwidth limitations with VizTV Webs.

In fact, the monthly bandwidth limitations are scheduled to be increased on this plan guaranteeing that you will need even more than 20,000 hits on your website prior to reach this limitation.

What Does 2 Add-On Domains Mean? (click to open)

An Add-On Domain means that you can buy an additional domain, add it to your package using the Add-On Domains option in the C-Panel, and then launch an additional independent website without setting up an additional hosting account.

With 2 Add-On Domains, you can operate 2 additional websites, at no additional charge, bringing the total number of websites that you can operate using the Small Business Start Up hosting package to 3.

This can come in handy if you want to separate your business blog from your business website, or you want to use multiple websites to promote the same business online.

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