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Network Hosting

Why You May Need The Network Hosting Plan

The Network Hosting plan is best suited for those who may need to operate an array of websites for corporate web presence or marketing purposes.

Network Hosting is also a great option if you intend to run a network of interconnected websites, a network of personal/business blogs, e-commerce software installations, forums, chat services, online project management productivity tools, and more.

Network Hosting In Human Terms

In short, if you’re looking to secure blazing fast webhosting for a high-octane website network, Network Hosting is the best option for your project.

Its perfect for ambitions requiring the power of entire web networks with a need for running multiple installs of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or other popular content management systems, e-commerce packages, productivity tools, and more.

What Does 17 Gigs of Storage Capacity Mean?

17 Gigs of storage capacity equates to the amount of storage space allocated to your web hosting account. Any file that you upload will count towards this storage capacity.

To roughly illustrate how much storage is possible with 17 gigs of space, imagine running 40 versions of this website on one web hosting account, complete with photos, customized web designs and other elements, simultaneously with room to spare.

What Does 42 Gigs of Monthly Bandwidth Mean?

For a small business website, 42 gigs of bandwidth means that you will need well over 500,000 unique visits in one month to properties on your web network prior to coming anywhere to close to exceeding your monthly bandwidth limitations with VizTV Webs.

In fact, monthly bandwidth limitations are scheduled to be increased on this plan guaranteeing that you will need, on average, more than 1,000,000 unique visits monthly to properties on your web network prior to reaching this limitation.

(Please Note: These are general figures intended for illustration purposes only. Bandwidth may also be affected by the amount of content on a given website. Hosting and streaming video and audio will greatly contribute to bandwidth usage.)

What Does 26 Add-On Domains Mean?

Having Add-On Domain capability means that you can buy an additional domain, add it to your package using the Add-On Domains option in the VizTV Webs C-Panel, then launch an additional independent website without setting up an additional hosting account.

With 26 Add-On Domains, you can operate 26 additional websites, at no additional charge, bringing the total number of websites that you can operate using the Network Hosting package to 27. Unlimited subdomain hosting is included at no additional charge making the number of independent websites you could theoretically operate unlimited.

This option can come in handy if you want to take 1 particular website on your network and transform it into its own self contained web network. An example of this type of web network using subdomains could be illustrated by:,,, and so forth.