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Managed Web Hosting

For the busy professional who will need help maintaining their website.

Why You May Need Managed Web Hosting

The Managed Web Hosting plan is best suited for busy professionals like doctors, contractors, lawyers, and other busy professionals who need to delegate the day to day duties of maintaining their website and making sure that its kept technologically up to date.

This plan comes in handy if you need to have an active webmaster lightly managing the operation of your website, forwarding or notifying you of website generated contact requests, and other light duties.

What Does 5 Gigs of Storage Capacity Mean?

5 Gigs of storage capacity equates to the amount of storage space allocated to your web hosting account. Any file that you upload to your web network will count against this storage capacity.

To roughly illustrate how much storage is possible with 5 gigs of space, imagine running 8 versions of this website on one web hosting account, complete with photos, customized web designs and other elements, simultaneously with room to spare.

This is more than enough storage capacity for a small, private practice, business website.

What Does 10 Gigs of Monthly Bandwidth Mean?

For a small business website, 10 gigs of bandwidth means that you will need well over 50,000 unique visits in one month to properties on your web network prior to coming anywhere to close to exceeding your monthly bandwidth limitations with VizTV Webs.

In fact, monthly bandwidth limitations are scheduled to be increased on this plan guaranteeing that you will need, on average, more than 100,000 unique visits monthly to properties on your web network prior to reaching this limitation.

(Please Note: These are general figures intended for illustration purposes only. Bandwidth may also be affected by the amount of content on a given website. Hosting and streaming video and audio will greatly contribute to bandwidth usage.)

What Do I Get in My 2 Hours of Monthly Consultation Time?

During your consultation time we may go over information related to the traffic coming to your website, conduct an analytical statistical overview, help make light changes to your website, and offer suggestions to help you maximize on user experience, customer conversion, and search engine visibility.

Depending on if VizTV Media Services designed and built your website or not, will determine the amount of leverage we can employ when making changes to your website during our consultation time. Consultation time can be split or divided to your convenience.

In short, this plan was originally intended for professionals who have hired VizTV Media Services for web & graphic design, but has been made available publicly due to demand.